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Free Online Webinars on Classical Buteyko Method. Starting tonight 7pm Manila/Hong Kong time.

Introductory Webinars ONLINE about the Classical Buteyko Method.

Why does this approach prevent and reverse all symptoms in the category of Chronic Disease and offer an effective way to manage family health ?

Please join us at the webinar, invite your friends and family to experience the convenience and effectiveness of the live online events. Joining is simple and easy from any devices connected to the internet. Questions will be welcomed - and can be asked via your microphone or by messaging.

With Senior Buteyko Practitioner Jac Vidgen

Thursday 26 January at 7-8pm Manila/Hong Kong time

Sunday 29 January at 4-5pm Manila/Hong Kong time

Buteyko for KIDS with Dr. Lorie Stevens and Martha Roe

Thursday 9th February at 8pm New York time

For information on Learn Buteyko Practitioners please click this link.

For individual advice about any chronic health problem you may book an Initial Private Consultation with a Senior Practitioner. For information and booking please click this link.

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