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Practitioners & facilitators

"Keeping in mind all the complications that can emerge during the training, we forbid self-training. Supervision by a specially trained practitioner is essential"
K.P. Buteyko 

jac teaching

We follow the guidelines of Professor Buteyko with regards to the training and administration of Practitioners.


They are as follows:


When a prospective Practitioner has managed to master the method for themselves, reverse their chronic diseases and achieve a high "Control Pause", they may commence training. Initially, this involves assisting a fully qualified practitioner, with a title of "Associate Facilitator". After gaining sufficient experience, they may go on to practicing under supervision, with the title of "Senior Facilitator".


Upon the recommendation of their teacher they may begin to work independently, but still report their results and progress to their teacher. At this point they are an "Associate Practitioner".


After around five years of working with students and gaining diverse experience with complicated and difficult cases and demonstrating solid results and upon the recommendation of their teacher, they are able to work independently, at which point they hold the position of "Practitioner".


The process of becoming a fully qualified and endorsed Practitioner is around five to seven years. 

Meet our Practitioners...

Vladimir Sukhonosov

Senior Buteyko Consultant

Vladimir Sukhonosov_DSCF9589.jpg

Vladimir commenced his training with Professor Buteyko in 1979 to treat his allergies and a heart condition. He left his position as the head of the mathematical faculty of the University of Kemerove, to work and train under Alexander Stalmatsky, Dr Sheveiev and Sergei Luzgin – giving workshops all over the Soviet Union.


In 1985 he received his diploma from Professor Buteyko who appointed him to manage the vast Kuszbass region (Eastern Siberia) wherein he supervised workshops for thousands of people in factories, chemical plants and mining operations. He became one of the most experienced Russian Buteyko Practitioners — with a particular interest in complex and serious disorders.

Professor Buteyko awarded him one of only several “Audit Diplomas” in which he was authorised to check the work of other practitioners and now offers practitioner training online.  From 1997 -2003 he practised in the UK and Europe and now regularly conducts intermediate workshops and trains the Learn Buteyko facilitators and practitioners.

Christopher Drake

Senior Buteyko Practitioner


Christopher Drake was the first “Western” practitioner to receive diploma accreditation from Professor Buteyko, whilst under the supervision of his teacher Alexander Stalmatsky.


In 1991 he co-founded the first authorised Buteyko Clinic in “West’ in Sydney Australia and participated in the first published medical trials. He introduced the method to the UK in 1996, where his results attracted major publicity. He has taught over 20,000 students in Australia. UK, US, Europe and Asia.


In January 2013 Christopher launched the Learn Buteyko Online service to promote and offer the Classical Buteyko Method to students all over the world. Christopher teaches Advanced training online and takes a special interest in serious cases. He divides his time between Europe and Asia.

Martha Roe

Buteyko Practitioner


Martha became involved with Buteyko in 2007 to treat her chronic fatigue and did so well at mastering the method personally and reversing her health problems, she was invited to train as a practitioner by her teacher, Christopher Drake.


After assisting as a Facilitator and working as an Associate Practitioner for seven years, Martha now holds the position of "Practitioner", upon the recommendation of Vladimir Sukhonosov. 

Marcelle Adamson

Buteyko Practitioner


After encountering Martha Roe and Christopher Drake at a free public talk in 2011, Marcelle began learning how to practise the Classical Buteyko Method under their supervision.  The Method enabled her to overcome debilitating health problems that had begun in childhood.  In 2012 she was invited to begin practitioner training and in 2019 Vladimir Sukhonosov recommended her for the role of Buteyko Practitioner.  As part of the Learn Buteyko Team she conducts webinars, beginner workshops, follow up and further individual training.  She assists with facilitator training and works with the Senior Practitioners online.

Joe Morrell

Buteyko Practitioner


Joe is from a Yorkshire farming family. After managing to to overcome a decade of fatigue from chemical exposure, he is an enthusiastic proponent of the Method and has a keen interest in making it more available to others. Joe was awarded the role of Practitioner in 2019. 

Pipat Pokiaw

Senior Facilitator


Pipat was one of the first Buteyko students in Thailand and has managed to develop an exceptional standard of personal practice. He assists Vladimir and Christopher for serious cases within the administration of the IAOBP. He is based in Thailand.

Liora Friedman

Senior Facilitator


Liora is from Israel and is actively engaged in teaching Yoga introducing her students to Buteyko's ideas on breathing which are along the same lines as those of authentic yogis. She has been practicing the Classical Buteyko Method since 2014 and has made some significant improvements with her own health. Liora actively promotes facilitates online training for those wishing to learn this approach in Hebrew. 

Tini Lubberink

Senior Facilitator


Tini is from the Netherlands and after managing to make significant improvements with her own health, she joined our team and is working towards becoming a practitioner. She actively promotes and now facilitates online training for those wishing to learn Classical Buteyko Method in Dutch.

Nicolas Nessi

Senior Facilitator


Nicolas lives in Argentina. He has a PhD in theoretical physics. He has been practicing the method since 2020. He was able to reverse several chronic symptoms (migraine, digestive problems, chronic sinus infections, overweight, anxiety, negative thoughts and emotions, fatigue, etc) and reach a new standard of health and well being. In 2021 he started training as a practitioner under the supervision of V. Sukhonosov, C. Drake and M. Roe. He teaches the method in spanish together with his colleague, Javier Borda. He has witnessed that a consisten practice of the Classical Buteyko method provides enormous benefits to himself and his students. This motivates him to promote the powerful technology developed by Professor Buteyko.

Javier Borda

Senior Facilitator


Javier initially experienced the benefits of Butyeko with his vocal work as an opera singer. He soon realised there was much more to the method. Assisting senior practitioners in reversing chronic diseases within his closer circle convinced him that the method should be brought to Spanish speaking countries. He's currently doing that in association with Nicolas Nessi and becoming a practitioner under the supervision of Martha Roe, Christopher Drake and Vladimir Sukhonosov.

Renate Du Plessis

Associate Facilitator


I came to Buteyko and was curious as to why I have such a healthy life with a control pause of 16. I’ve made it to the Olympics as a swimmer in 2000. Haven’t really been ill for 16 years and have a successful career as a licensed massage therapist and certified personal trainer. It’s amazing how the mind can let you live in an illusion. Upon starting the method it was soon revealed that what I thought was health, was really just a strong immune system powered by will. The method revealed: the sinus problems I had as a child, the destruction that a highly competitive sport can do to a very young athlete, the addictive behaviors that one uses to cover up the anxiety from trauma, the bully that lived inside telling me to overextend no matter what the price. The continued process of knowing myself and growing my consciousness is where my Buteyko practice becomes the constant in the chaos. Keep calm and breathe less. I would like to assist students to become a better version of themselves. Anyone who would like to take responsibility for their own health and do the work required, will reap the benefits.

John Georgiou

Associate Facilitator


John has worked in primary care, and urgent care for about twenty years, in US hospitals and clinics. He has studied and applied the classical  Buteyko method since 2019. As a result, he was able to reverse a so called "incurable chronic illness", and fully restore his health. He is now an enthusiastic advocate of the method, and is working toward becoming a qualified practitioner.

Christine Kenney

Associate Facilitator


Chris lives in New England USA and started practicing the Classical Buteyko Method in December 2019.  With diligent practice and a strong desire to get well, she now experiences freedom from migraine headaches, chronic fatigue, anxiety and depression, allergies, rosacea, and other chronic symptoms. Grateful for having finally found the answer to these baffling conditions, she wants to teach the method and share her recovery with others.

Gummi Palmarsson

Associate Facilitator


Gudmundur lives in Iceland and was introduced to Learn Buteyko in 2021. He started practicing the Classical Buteyko Method in January 2021 to reduce his high blood pressure. After practicing for about 2 months his blood pressure came to normal. He also found the method was very efficient with anxiety that he had been managing since a young child. Having taught yoga for about 20 years he became very interested in the science and efficiency of the method. He is very enthusiastic in sharing the method along with his wife Talya so more people can benefit as he has.

Jeff Jadryev

Associate Facilitator


Jeff lives in rural Virginia in the United States of America. He started practicing the Classical Buteyko Method in April 2020 to treat a list of over 20 symptoms. This list included chronic fatigue, major depression, brain fog, irritable bowel disease, food intolerances, chronic infections, panic attacks, anxiety, sensitivity to sound and mood swings.

Jeff’s practice has radically transformed his health, life and relationships. He has gone from bedridden isolation and misery to able to enjoy daily physical activity and a full family life with his wife and three children, who also practice and continue to benefit from the method.


His primary motive to teach the method is to save others the time, effort, resources and suffering he went through with trying ineffective treatments before finding Learn Buteyko.

I, Professor Konstantin Buteyko, the inventor of the method of treatment for some chronic diseases of the respiratory system, nervous system, hormonal system, cardio-vascular system, immune system (Patent No: 1067640), known in the West as the Buteyko Method, categorically make this statement:


The Buteyko Method appears misleadingly simple to practice. However, there is a specific training on how to apply this method to each individual patient. If this is done incorrectly there could be severe complications and damaging effects on a patient’s health.


It is for this reason that I only allow qualified practitioners to teach the Buteyko Method to patients in a workshop environment. As a Professor of Medicine I clearly state that it is dangerous for medical doctors or health care professionals to practice the Buteyko Method without the appropriate training.


I categorically state that it is exceedingly dangerous for patients to be instructed in the Buteyko Method through the medium of video, audio tapes, books, instructions and manuals. The Buteyko Practitioner assesses the 4 page Patient History Form before commencement of the workshop. They then monitor the progress of each individual patient on a daily basis during the workshop course, adjusting the use of the techniques to each individual’s need, to ensure correct use of the method and prevent complications arising. They are available for follow-up consultations where necessary.


Any Buteyko practitioner who does not train patients thoroughly in the Buteyko Method by taking shortcuts with videos, tapes, books, instructions and manuals and who try to offer training to potential Buteyko practitioners will have their certificates removed.


I will also use legal measures and public opinion to stop those who misuse and abuse my method and bring the Buteyko Method into disrepute.


Meanwhile, I will wish people well – my only concern is to see the Buteyko Method taught correctly in the West.


I congratulate all patients who have achieved freedom from their disease by practising the Buteyko Method.


K.P. Buteyko



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