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About Us


Our objective is very simple, to teach, coach and support our students so that their breathing is optimised, to the extent that it falls with the physiological norms for respiration. 


This is around 3 - 4 litres per minute at rest and comports to a "Control Pause" (an effortless breath holding maneuver, after a normal breath out), of around 60 seconds.   


Some students just want to reverse a particular condition. A good place to start. After all, reversing your migraine, chronic fatigue or depression is a good start to realising just how valuable the cultivation and maintenance of healthy breathing really is. 


What needs to be understood is that the more you have been affected by the consequences of a dysfunctional breathing pattern, the more time, skill and effort will be required, to reach an optimal result. This is why some students just require a basic course to solve their health problems, while others require more training and time. 

Interestingly, even those students who have very serious conditions and numerous aggravating symptoms, start seeing improvement very quickly, often within days.  We usually encourage all students to start with a Basic Beginners Workshop, even those with very serious conditions. A basic workshop may not be enough completely resolve all their health issues, but positive results and improvements are enough to demonstrate the authenticity of the practice and provide the encouragement for them to continue with the training and to becoming ever more skilful.   

See our services below:

Individual Training


Individual training by appointment provides scheduling flexibility along with focused attention, which for many cases produces faster and better results.

Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Courses, privately - x5 sessons at 1hr.

Private Consultation


If you would like to speak directly with a Practitioner or Senior Practitioner, you are welcome to book a private consultation. We can call your phone, meet up on Skype or use our own video conferencing platform.



Everyone is welcome to attend our free online webinars in which you can learn about the Buteyko Method, ask questions and speak directly with a practitioner.


Beginner Workshops


Our Online Basic Beginner workshops run over five consecutive days. Usually, Monday to Friday.

Each session is for around one and a half hours. All workshops are supervised by a Senior Buteyko Practitioner. 


Intermediate Workshops


Intermediate Online Workshops are held over 5 session, over 14 days. 


They are only for students who have completed a Beginners workshop. The emphasis is on additional techniques to improve the breathing and the incorporation of Buteyko into sport and exercise etc. 


Each session is around 1 hour - 1hr 30 mins 


They are conducted by a Senior Practitioner - usually Vladimir Sukhonosov.


Advanced Workshops


Advanced Workshops are only for students who have completed Beginner and Intermediate Workshops.

The emphasis of this workshop is on mental techniques to improve the breathing and increase the control pause. 

They are conducted over five days in various time zones, three to four times per year.

Each session is around 1hour - 1hr 30 mins.


They are conducted by a Senior Practitioner - usually Christopher Drake. 


Follow Up


All students are welcome to attend our free monthly online sessions - but to avoid disappointment we recommend that you book your place. 

Please contact us for more information.


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