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The Buteyko Method was developed in the 1950’s by a Russian medical scientist named Professor K.P. Buteyko.


Professor Buteyko’s exhaustive research led him to discover, that several hundred chronic diseases could be scientifically explained as a consequence of habitually breathing above the physiologically recommended norm, or chronic hyperventilation. 

After years of experimentation, Professor Buteyko managed to develop a process to normalise the breathing pattern, which has over the last 60+ years enabled tens of thousands of people to reverse their chronic diseases. This system or approach has become known as The Buteyko Method.

What is the evidence that supports Buteyko Method?

clinical trials

Two clinical trials were performed in Russia over patients with different chronic disorders with positive results, in 1968 and 1980. In 1998 the first clinical trial for Buteyko Method outside Russia was published in Australia. The results of the study reports a reduction of 90% of bronchodilators and 50% of corticosteroids in a population of severe asthmatics. One of our senior practitioners, Christopher Drake, was involved in the design and implementation of the study. Below you can download the full paper (Bowler SD, Green A, Mitchell CA. Buteyko breathing techniques in asthma: a blinded randomised controlled trial. Med J Aust. 1998 Dec 7-21;169):

These results inspired some comments in the specialized press:

"Buteyko breathing hyperventilation excercises in patients with asthma reduced beta agonist use by 90% and improved symptoms, according to preliminary result of a randomised, controlled trial in Brisbane."

"Doctors Gasp at Buteyko Success" by Tony James, Front Page of "Australian Doctor", 7/4/95

"Unprecedented broad spectrum results in the short and medium term, a dynamic breakthrough."

The Medical Journal of Australia, 2nd January, 1995, Vol. 162, No. 1


Another source of evidence are the hundreds of testimonials that our group has gathered throughout the years, involving positive results with students presenting different chronic conditions and with diverse degree of severity. We have a record of video testimonials publicly available in our Youtube channels. Below we give you a sample.

You can find more testimonials in our Youtube channels.

endorsments by independent medical doctors

We routinely receive students whose doctor recommended our workshops.

"I'm surprised and impressed."


Dr. Paul Ameisan, MB., BS., MD., Ac., N.D., Sydney Australia

"Impressive results."


Charles Mitchell,

Professor of Medicine,

University of Queensland, Australia

"I must admit I was flabbergasted by it."


Dr. Gerald Spence,

G.P., Shettleson, Glasgow

"I recommend this skill without reservation, this is a resource that anyone would benefit from learning. All this in addition to the broad spectrum of well documented therapeutic applications."

Dr. Antony Soyer

MB., BS: (London)



Over the years, our results have attracted major publicity in newspapers and TV:

BBC documentary 1998:

Documentary in Australian TV show "A current affair", 1993:

About us

Free webinars & Workshops are led by our international team of  
practitioners and facilitators

All our free webinars and beginner workshops are supervised by a Senior Buteyko Practitioner that has received a Red Diploma from Professor Buteyko or who has worked as a Practitioner for over ten years under supervision and with more than 5000 students with diverse conditions.

Vladimir Sukhonosov
Senior Buteyko Consultant

Vladimir commenced his training with Professor Buteyko in 1979 to treat his allergies and a heart condition. He became one of the most experienced Russian Buteyko Practitioners — with a particular interest in complex and serious disorders.

Professor Buteyko awarded him one of only several “Audit Diplomas” in which he was authorised to check the work of other practitioners and now offers practitioner training online.  From 1997 -2003 he practised in the UK and Europe and now regularly conducts intermediate workshops and trains the Learn Buteyko facilitators and practitioners. 

Martha Roe
Buteyko Practitioner

Martha became involved with Buteyko in 2007 to treat her chronic fatigue and did so well at mastering the method personally and reversing her health problems, she was invited to train as a practitioner by her teacher, Christopher Drake. After assisting as a Facilitator and working as an Associate Practitioner for seven years, Martha now holds the position of "Practitioner", upon the recommendation of Vladmir Sukhonosov. 

Christopher Drake
Senior Buteyko Practitioner

Christopher Drake was the first “Western” practitioner to receive diploma accreditation from Professor Buteyko, whilst under the supervision of his teacher Alexander Stalmatsky. In 1991 he co-founded the first authorised Buteyko Clinic in the “West’ in Sydney Australia and participated in the first published medical trials. He introduced the method to the UK in 1996. He has taught over 30,000 students in Australia. UK, US, Europe and Asia. In January 2013 Christopher launched the Learn Buteyko Online service to promote and offer the Classical Buteyko Method to students all over the world. Christopher teaches Advanced training online and takes a special interest in serious cases.

Marcelle Adamson
Buteyko Practitioner

After encountering Martha Roe and Christopher Drake at a free public talk in 2011, Marcelle began learning how to practise the Classical Buteyko Method under their supervision.  The Method enabled her to overcome debilitating health problems that had begun in childhood.  In 2012 she was invited to begin practitioner training and in 2019 Vladimir Sukhonosov recommended her for the role of Buteyko Practitioner. She conducts webinars, beginner workshops, follow up and further individual training. She assists with facilitator training and works with the Senior Practitioners online.

Liora Friedman (Israel)
Senior Facilitator
Nicolas Nessi

Senior Facilitator
Javier Borda (Spain)
Senior Facilitator
Guðmundur Pálmarsson

Associate Facilitator
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