Intermediate Workshops

 The basic skills are effective and a great start, but for those who want to realise a quality of life beyond just reducing 

symptoms, Intermediate Training

is invaluable.  

The emphasis of this training is to improve the breathing and the Control Pause by  incorporating Buteyko practice into physical exercise and sport.  


The online Intermediate Workshop is made up of 5 sessions spread over 10 - 14 days. 

This workshop is only for students who have completed a Beginners Workshop.

Each session is around one to one and half hours. 


This workshop is conducted by a Senior Practitioner - usually Vladimir Sukhonosov.

The cost per person is $275.00 US. 

The cost for two people, who book at the same time is $475.00 US.

The course may be repeated anytime for $175.00 US. 

Intermediate training is also available privately, for further details please go here

For enquiries please contact us here.

Intermediate Workshop 2020

Monday 17 February at 9pm New York time

Monday 17 February at 9pm NY time
Tuesday 18 February at 9pm NY time
Thursday 20 February at 9pm NY time
Monday 24 February at 9pm NY time
Thursday 27 February at 9pm NY time

Monday 16 March at 12pm London time

Monday 16 March 12pm London time
Tuesday 17 March 12pm London time
Thursday 19 March 12pm London time
Monday 23 March 12pm London time
Thursday 26 March 12pm London time

After booking your place you will receive an email with more information and login to the online meeting room for this workshop.

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