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Advanced Workshops


"What sages have known anecdotally for thousands
of years, actually has a rationale that binds mental 
practice with biochemistry and physiology.  The effective cultivation of equanimity is no longer a mystery, but as straightforward a job as brushing one's teeth." 


Advanced training is imparted by Christopher Drake, Senior Buteyko Practitioner.

"Basic Training can be very hard work, Intermediate Training is more interesting and produces more leveraged results. Advanced Training is different. Results arise spontaneously, just by paying attention and remembering" 

Perhaps one of the most interesting and rewarding aspects of both learning and teaching Buteyko’s Method is the opportunity to direct its attention towards the function of the mind.


Students that have laboured hard, following rules, doing breath holds and concentrating on reducing their breath, are often astonished at how their CP increases through purely mental work. 


Everyone knows that the mind becomes calmer and more orderly with a higher Control Pause. But what comes as a surprise is that it can work the other way too. One can quite dramatically improve one’s breathing through mental training. 


It turns out that there is a mental approach that excites and provokes the breathing and causes diverse obstructions to improving one’s Control Pause and consequently one’s health. 


Fortunately, there is another approach, which does the reverse, and it is this approach that we explain and teach in the Advanced Workshops.

Practical information about the advanced workshops

Advanced Training has no religious connotations and does not require the adoption of any beliefs.


It is based on techniques to concentrate mental attention and make mental inquiry with the sole purpose of reducing the depth of breathing, as indicated with improvements to the Control Pause.

Advanced Workshops are only for students who have completed Beginner and Intermediate Workshops. 


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