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Attention All Carbon Based Beings

As a carbon based beings, we should know what is our life force, what animates us and enables us to function.

There is no substance more vital for the functioning of the human mind body mechanism than carbon dioxide and its derivative forms.

It is carbon dioxide that regulates our respiration, oxygen uptake and pH. It is carbon dioxide that determines the aperture of all our vessels and the excitability of our nervous systems, along with the production and uptake of our natural hormones.

Even the rate at which neurones synapse with brain cells is linear to our levels of carbon dioxide.

It is for the above, well documented biological roles of carbon dioxide (amongst many others) that the Buteyko Method enables people to reverse numerous chronic health problems, because they are defence and compensation mechanisms, along with direct dysfunction; which arise due to a lower than optimal level of carbon dioxide.

The only reason why Buteyko’s Method is a "breathing method" is because it is our breathing that regulates our levels of carbon dioxide. It is a practical and direct way to augment and normalise our levels carbon dioxide.

Reverse your chronic health problems, enhance your life force, Prana or Chi directly and efficiently with Professor Buteyko’s approach and join the tens of thousands of people who have learnt how to take control over their health and well being.

Christopher Drake

DipB.M., (Moscow)., I.A.O.B.P (London)

Senior Buteyko Practitioner

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