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Buteyko for Kids Monday 8pm New York time

Free Webinar with Buteyko Practitioner - Martha Roe and Holistic Dentist - Dr. Lorie Miller Stevens.

How can parents help their children avoid a whole host of chronic health problems as they mature and improve their physiological development by retraining their breathing?

Martha Roe Dr. Lorie Miller Stevens

Over the past 3 decades Martha as a parent and school teacher has observed a significant increase in chronic health problems in young people in the UK such as ADHD, anxiety, asthma, behavior problems, blocked nose, coughing, eating and sleeping disorders, eczema, fatigue, more prone to colds and flu are but some.

Lorie Stevens is a holistic dentist in Georgia USA and has a special interest in the physiological development of children and observes a significant increase in dental and general health problems occurring in today’s young people in the USA.

Back in the 1960’s Professor Buteyko tried to impress on the establishment the importance to improve the breathing of mother’s to be and children in kindergartens in order to avoid the inevitable damage to the health of our next generation. His efforts were ignored and his prediction is coming to life before our life and is on the increase as the breathing further deteriorates.

Martha and Lorie will give a short talk on Buteyko’s Method and how this approach is a worthwhile investment into family health for present and future generations.

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