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January 26, 2017

Introductory Webinars ONLINE about the Classical Buteyko Method.

Why does this approach prevent and reverse all symptoms in the category of Chronic Disease and offer an effective way to manage family health ? 

Please join us...

January 19, 2017

Free Webinar with Buteyko Practitioner Martha Roe and Holistic Dentist Dr. Lorie Miller Stevens.  

How can parents help their children improve their physiological development and avoid chronic health problems as they mature by retraining their breathing ?


October 18, 2016


Martha and Tini will give a short introduction to the Classical Buteyko Method for prevention and reversal of chronic health problems such as asthma, allergies, anxiety, blocked nose, chronic pain, COPD, depression, emphysema, fatigue, high/low blood...

September 19, 2016


We all more or less know about eating right and exercising. And most of us are aware that getting stressed isn’t healthy. 

But there is something we do twenty to thirty thousand times a day, that if ever we stop, we are dead within a few minutes. Breathing. 


September 12, 2016

Christopher Drake, a Senior Buteyko Practitioner of some 26 years will be giving a free webinar on Buteyko’s Method for the reversal of chronic diseases.

No need to book just log into his periscope account here or through our website here


September 12, 2016

Free Webinar with Buteyko Practitioner - Martha Roe and Holistic Dentist - Dr. Lorie Miller Stevens.  

How can parents help their children avoid a whole host of chronic health problems as they mature and improve their physiological development by retraining their breath...